About Us

Our Story

Bebemotto was founded by Ipek Bakrac. Her 15 years of professional corporate marketing experience, never made her as happy as she is today. The love she has for children, made her completely turn around her business and since then kept her focusing on only on items to make the little loved ones rooms more lovelier, cosier and more personal.

She was dissatisfied with the shopping options available to the little ones today. She longed for a store to indulge her creative side and went on to build a lifestyle brand that catered to creative, and affluent families. Named after Baby (Bebe) and Motto (create your own world). Bebemotto opened its E-commerce platform on the 1st January 2020 and has been growing progressively. We now operate over and sell to more than 43 countries worldwide. We produce your color and pattern as preferred free of charge and you can add the name, slogan, sentence or picture if you would like this on your chosen item.

Our customers are creative-minded individuals, who want to have a unique personalized product and great customer service. She has a sense of adventure about what she purchases, and although fashion is important to her, she is too busy enjoying life to be governed by the latest trends. To her, Bebemotto is a portal of discovery—a brush with what could be a place for her to lose—and find—herself again.

Our product offering consists of nursery room apparel and accessories,. Each caters to the lifestyle of our motto: Bebemotto is continuously researching and looking for new ideas and designs as well as fabrics in order to create the perfect experience. Mind you, this journey is far from complete… The slogan is ‘ Create Your Own World’ and it is with a passion that we are sharing this with you.